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Chapter 12: Into the Jungle

I actually did sleep fairly well in Zingu's house on the eve of my greatest adventure to date. However, I keep hearing these ghostly howls that manifest in my already darkened dreams into some of the greatest and most fierce monsters I have ever studied.

Once my companions came inside to find breakfast, I heard them speak of strange ghostly sounds in the night as well. I suppose it was more than a bad dream. Those who stayed up to keep watch of the area also saw movements in the jungle that may or may not have been tricks of their eyes. I believe we are in for quite the adventure.

Kalina runs into the dining area, excited to go. As soon as we eat and pack our gear we head out. Kalina leads the way with a pack tied to the end of a stick over her shoulder and Guarda by her side. It was here while I followed them with my senses on full alert into the forest, that I recognized the symbol on Guarda's collar.

We move along the sembalance of a path through thick forest. Everyone keeps a quick, steady pace moving easily through the underbrush except Mara, who curses and cut her way from the rear of the pack.

It is quite hot outside, which slows us down more than anything, also causing us to ration our water. Kalina leaves red paint marking the trees to find our way back--an old druid survival trick I remember reading about in my studies.

About an our into the jungle, Kalina turns sharply to the left off any sort of worn trail. We follow with out questioning her. She is still marking our path.

The further we head into the thick jungle the more I notice small changes. The birds and other animals begin acting strangely aggressive.

Kalina slows, her eyes are wide open. She whispers urgently, "We are getting close to the wall. Follow my lead. If I tell you to run, don't question it, just run--fast."

The small girl no longer looks ten or innocent. She transforms before our eyes into a wise guide beyond her years. I knew my companions trusted her in this moment, same as I did.


A tree falls close to us. We all freeze immediately. Kalina crouches down into the underbrush. We all follow her movement before she can even signal us to.

A shadow covers the forest. We search for the source that completely blocks the sun. We don't have to look long, for it lands directly in front of us.

It is an Elder Arrow Hawk. Ironically, this creature did make an appearance in my nightmare last night--only this one is much closer and ready to strike.

Mara takes an aggressive stance while Corin hides and Bren unsuccessfully tries to wrangle the beast--crazy old druid.

The hawk dodges Mara's first attack. In the meantime, Flynn sneaks behind the beast and delivers a massive, unexpected blow with his rapier. I begin to sing the songs of heroes past to inspire courage for my companions and myself, giving us extra strength against our large feathered foe.

We all attack the hawk unrelentingly causing him to stay on defense until he begins fumbling. Bren trips the beast onto his face. It seems strange the winged creature has stayed on the ground. We take advantage until the monster stands up, stumbles and then falls over dead.

After a deep breath, I inspect the magnificent beast. Curiously, his under feathers are branded with a reoccurring symbol of the fire fountain. I wonder what order governs this symbol. It might help explain what is really going on here. For now, I have no way to find out. I gather some feathers, both branded and unbranded, and store them in my sack.

I try to take in my surrounding, looking to the sky, further into the jungles and to my companions. What could possibly be next?

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I Think I Can

If you think you can, you will. If you think you can't you won't. Either way, you will be right. ~The Little Engine That Could

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Chapter 11: Kalina and Zingu

While investigating Port Veya a young girl surprises us by saying, "you must be the ones I'm looking for."

I for one am shocked by this revelation. I didn't know anyone knew we were coming, though it answers the question of where to go next. I sense that this girl is good, pure and even a little adventurous, but I want to know what she knows. I ask her, "You were looking for us?"

"Yes, my father asked me to keep a look out for the next band of travelers to come to the island. And here you are--finally." the girl answers.

My companions and I remain silent for a moment, looking at each other. In my opinion, the situation seems to easy, but no one can sense any alliterative motives. The girl sees our hesitation and takes a step, really more of a skip, in my direction. "Hi, I'm Kalina."

I have to admit, I like this girl. I bet she doesn't need to go on crazy, dangerous adventures to prove herself. I introduce myself and my companions. She especially enjoys Corin the cat.

"You must come meet father, he will be very excited that you made it. You will stay with us as well--he will insist." Kalina turns to lead us towards the town.

"Who is your father?" I ask as we being to walk.

"He is a tradesman in rare artifacts. He is one of the few who ever leave the island. I can't wait to go with him. It will be so exciting to see the world."

"I thought the same thing once. You know, it is pretty exciting." I say. "What is your father's name?"


Kalina leads us all the way through town to a house right on the edge of the jungle under a palm tree. The small cottage, backed by the forest, reminds me of home. I wonder what mother and father would think of their little girl now.

Kalina and I chat as we walk. My companions follow us, most still a little tense. Mara is right behind me, watching my back as usual and covered in armor with her spear loosely in her hand.  Aramir is surveying the scene, surely keeping an eye and ear out for any signs of danger. Flynn is looking sneaky on the edge of our group--I hope he behaves himself. Bren looks like he is having the time of his life. Corin, walking beside him to bring up the rear, looks scared and fascinated at the same time.

We are quite the sight in this small, sleepy town. The people looking at us with various levels of interest. I suppose it is a big deal when a band like ours comes to town, especially with the number of legends associated with the islands.

Zingu greets us with a smile and a table of food. I enjoy the apples, the starchy soup and especially the tea. We make small talk as we figure out exactly what we have gotten ourselves into.

Zingu is friends and trading partners with Noctis, the man who hired us for this crazy adventure. Noctis let him know to expect a band of people and hoped we would make it. Zingu also shared Noctis good feeling about this group. He is more than willing to host the group in the attempt to obtain the crone's egg, a rare artifact indeed.

Zingu explains the ancient wall built between us and the jungle. He mentions the danger in this journey and that not many even attempt the feat.

Kalina, however, is already an adventurer in her own backyard and is the best tracker to find the wall. She will act as our guide as far as the ancient wall. Zingu forbids her to cross the wall to the other side. There are no maps to aid us to the wall and beyond it is completely unexplored territory. Beyond Kalina's guidance we will be on our own.

That makes enough storytelling for me for one night. I believe my companions feel the same. We have our quest, now I'm just thankful I don't have to watch my back for one night. My companions don't feel as secure though.

Even though Zingu opens his house to use and tells us to make ourselves at home, Mara, Aramir, Bren, Barbarrel and Corin decide to sleep in the stables. Flynn sleeps on the hearth by the quickly dying fire.

I debate about sleeping outside in a tree, a favorite thing to do back home in Elmwood forest. However, I've heard one too many horror stories and eerie legends about this particular jungle so I decide against it. Instead, I retire upstairs to a bed. I am determined to have one good night sleep to go with the delicious dinner before we begin our adventure into the jungle. I go to sleep hoping this isn't my last good night's sleep.


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Upon the Wind

Faeries, come take me out of this dull world, 
For I would ride with you upon the wind,
Run on the top of the disheveled tide,
and dance upon the mountain like a flame.
~William Butler Yeats,
"The Land of Heart's Desire" 1894

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Chapter 10: Port Veya

We just killed the prince of the spiders. I still can not believe it. However, right now the most important thing to do is figure out how to get off this island. We have our boat, which is amazingly still in tact--except it is still caught in the spider's web.

Flynn uses one of his newly acquired healing potions on Malcolm, our sea captain who was passed out in front of the cave from the effects of a zombie merfolk bite. It must have been a powerful potion because Malcolm jumped up with a start like Flynn pumped him with pure adrenaline.

I try to calm down our frightened captain and catch him up on what is happening. His eyes go wide when I retell how we killed the spider prince. He becomes borderline panicked when I mention Corin. Bren comes up behind me shrugging his shoulders and says, "I made a friend."

I can't help but laugh at it all. The last couple days have been quite an adventure. The overwhelming majority agrees we need to get off the island as soon as possible.

Malcolm shakes his head like he is trying to forget everything we just told him. He stands up and goes to his boat. I don't know exactly what he does, but the web is magically gone and the boat floats freely in the water.

Darkness surrounds us so we decide to rest until day break. In that time Flynn manages to decipher Corin's request for sunglasses. It will be interesting to see how Corin does outside of the tunnels, not to mention how others will react to her. Then again, I, along with my other companions, don't really care. In our minds, Corin is Bren's pet and he can deal with her. At least she is useful enough to tell us that Prince Eron is the current leader of the spider people since the king had died. This adventure just keeps getting better and better.

It is a little before light when we set out. None of us could stand to stay on the island any longer. The sun is still high in the sky when we reach our destination--Port Veya.

The port is the only civilized port among the group of islands. It is small, but clean. Glancing into the town, it appears the houses are a modest size and made of wood and mud. There is quiet activity with light strings music drifting from the middle of town. There is also a pleasant smell wafting from the right. I have a good feeling about this town--it's just what is beyond it that worries me.

We are all looking toward the town we don't notice Malcolm loosening the boat's ties intending to sail back to sea. He clears his throat to get our attention and bids us farewell and good luck. He sincerely thanks us for saving his life and healing him. He states that this is as far as he goes and he leaves us in peace. As his boat begins to drift toward the seas I shout, asking, "how are we suppose to get back to the main land?"

He replies with a shrug, "I don't know, I wasn't paid for that."

Great. That told me something that I honestly knew the whole time: no one expects us to come home. Well, I hope we prove them wrong. I for one quite enjoy living.

Now that we finally arrive at our original destination, the modest Port Veya. Now what?

We talk about the best way to figure out where we need to go. Corin is hiding, Bren and Barbarrel are surveying the pier, while Aramir, Mara, Flynn and I are about to set off into the town to gather some information.

Just as we begin to move forward a stray dog approaches us. It seems Barbarrel is talking to the peaceful pup. Sure enough, Bren begins to translate the conversation as Barbarrel learns about the town. It is a fishing town with very old families rooted here. They have little to no trade and live completely off the land. They love animals of all kinds, which is good for the strange ancient cat, Corin, travelling with us.

A girl about ten years of age comes towards us calling, "Guarda!"

The stray dog runs over to her. She stops with one hand petting the pup and really takes a look at us. She smiles, "You must be the ones I'm looking for."

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Chapter 9: The Dead Prince

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My alphabet starts with this letter called "yuzz." It's the letter I use to spell "yuzz-a-ma-tuzz." You'll be sort of surprised what there is to be found once you go beyond "z" and start poking around. ~Dr. Seuss

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Chapter 9: The Dead Prince

Bren wants to be alone with our apparently new cat friend, Corin, so I go with the others to scavenge the entrance room of the cave once again. I get lost trying to read the engravings on the wall, though there aren't as many in this room as the actual tomb. It seems like no time before Bren is motioning for me at the door.

As soon as I was in earshot, Bren says, "I got the pearl! Can you go talk to the spider man outside? Turns out Corin's people are super enemies with them."

I want to know many things, first of all how he got the pearl from the cat, but I shake my head and say, "I can do that."

"There's one thing though," Bren continues, "You need to try and get some safe haven for the ancient cat race so tell the spider man to stop attacking them."

What? I'm trying to follow his train of thought, but he turns away to re-enter the tomb once again before I get to ask any of my questions.

I turn to face the rest of my companions with the pearl in my hands. I don't know what to say at first, but they see the pearl and want to know how Bren acquired it. I tell them I have no idea, he didn't say.

We decide to go outside to meet the Spider creature at once. I'm thinking, the sooner we can get this over with the sooner we can get out of this creepy cave and back on track to our original mission.

We walk outside where the spider creature is waiting for us, he seems on edge. I walk up to him flanked by Mara and show him the pearl. His eyes light up.

I decide to see what he knows about the cat people, but when I mention the ancient race the spider creature clams up and adds anxiousness to his being already on edge.

The next several seconds blur together. I think I say something else to him about the cat race, but the next thing I know I am on my back with the pearl still in my hand. The spider creature tries to run me over. Thanks to Mara he fails, miserably. Mara is on him, immediately following her are Flynn and Aramir's arrows.  I begin to sing and barely manage to get a shot off with my bow. The Spider creature does not even get a hit in before he is motionless on the ground. My companions and I have pulverized him.

That is really weird. I have no idea he was going react that way at even the mention of the ancient cat race. I am very thankful my companions have my back. I get up, shake myself off, and go to look at the body.

Aramir steps back to reveal a small circular metal shield with the inscription "Prince Eron." Well that is probably less than ideal. However, it is very curious why he became so hostile so quickly to begin with.

I catch a glimpse of the spider's crest under his name. Just before Aramir slings the shield over his shoulder.

Barbarrel trots outside the cave as Mara finishes cutting up the Prince's body. We decided to spread the pieces out over the first room of the cave. We try not to leave any traces that it was us who killed him.

Bren and Corin come into the room as we finish. Corin freaks out, squealing, "Is it dead?"

No one took the time to respond to the unique cat, though I did see Mara's eyes roll. The halfling comforts his new companion while we turn to more important matters--like getting off this island before the spider people demand retribution for killing their prince.

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Forgiveness is...

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. ~Mark Twain

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I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life's realities. ~Theodore Geisel

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Never tell people how to do things.

Tell them

what to do

and they will surprise you

with their ingenuity.

George Smith Patton,

"War As I Knew It" 1947.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Sculpt an Elephant

"A fool-proof method for sculpting an elephant: first, get a huge block of marble; then you chip away everything that doesn't look like an elephant. ~Author Unknown

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The Vampire Lestat Quotes: Part III

The Early Education and Adventures of the Vampire Lestat:

The Legacy of Magnus (p. 79-148)

"And yet my grief was not entirely gone from me. It lingered like an idea, and that idea had a pure truth to it." (p. 99)

"Do devils love each other? Do they walk arm in arm in hell saying, "Ah, you are my friend, how I love you," things like that to each other? It was a rather detached intellectual question I was asking, as I did not believe in hell. But it was a matter of concept of evil, wasn't it? All creatures in hell are supposed to hate one another, as all the saved hate the damned, without reservation." (p. 102)

"Well, now I know, whether I believe in hell or not, that vampires can love each other, that in being dedicated to evil, one does not cease to love." (p. 102)

"Sometimes I was simply crying out in something like joy. It had to be joy. But how could a monster feel joy? (p. 113)

"And in desperation, I went up over the Communion rail and put my hands on the tabernacle itself. I broke open its tiny little doors, and I reached in a took out the jeweled ciborium with its consecrated Hosts. No, there was no power here, nothing that I could feel or see or know with any of my monstrous senses, nothing that responded to me. There were wafers and gold and wax and light. (p. 113)

"The Long vibrant notes, and the chilling glissandos, and the violin singing in its own  tongue to make every other form of speech seem false." (p. 130)

"Beauty wasn't the treachery he imagined it to be, rather it was an uncharted land where one could make a thousand fatal errors, a wild and indifferent paradise without signposts of evil or good." (p. 131)

"Beauty was a Savage Garden...Good and evil, those are concepts man has made. And man is better, really, than the Savage Garden." (p.131)

"But maybe deep inside Nicki had always dreamed of a harmony among all things that I had always known was impossible. Nicki had dreamed not of goodness, but of justice." (p.131)

"How to describe what humans look like to us...There are those billion of colors and tiny configurations of movement, yes, that make up a living creature on whom we concentrate. But the radiance mingles totally with the carnal scent. Beautiful, that's what any human being is to us, if we stop to consider it, even the old and the diseased, the downtrodden that one doesn't really "see" in the street. They are all like that, like flowers ever in the process of opening, butterflies ever unfolding out of the cocoon." (p. 134)

"But I was mad in these moments. To say I wanted or I thought makes no sense at all...I knew the madness of the course I'd chosen, and the lie of it, and what I really was. What a sublime idiocy that I had dragged that paltry morality with me, striking down the damned ones only--seeking to be saved in spite of it all? What had I thought I was, a righteous partner to the judges and executioners of Paris who strike down the poor for crimes that the rich commit everyday?" (p. 135)

"Strong wine I'd had, in chipped and broken vessels, and now the priest was standing before me at the foot of the altar with the golden chalice in his hands, and the wine inside it was the Blood of the Lamb." (p. 135)

"But the words were really beyond my reach. They floated in some stratum perhaps where a god existed who understood the colors patterned on a cobra's skin and the eight glorious notes that make up the music erupting out of Nicki's instrument, but never the principle, beyond ugliness or beauty, "Thou shalt not kill." (p. 137)

From "The Vampire Lestat" by Anne Rice
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"Dreaming is an act of pure imagination, attesting in all men a creative power, which if it were available in waking, would make every man Dante or Shakespeare." ~H.F. Hedge

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Chapter 8: Meet Corin

"Here kitty, kitty," Bren calls almost mockingly in Sylvan to the cat-like creature we found in a tunnel dug under the spider king's sarcophagus.

Bren precedes to try and reign in the tiger. It is fairly comical to watch the small halfling  wrestle the big paws of the large cat. At least it would have been entertaining if my heart wasn't in my throat fearing for our lives.

After a few minutes of wrestling around, Bren gains relative control of the cat.

"Stand back," Bren calls to the room. "Don't attack it! I got this!"

I chuckle lightly at Mara's raised eyebrow. I am thankful for the break in tension. But I have to admit, I am a little suspicious of his control over the creature myself.

The large cat peers over the side of the sarcophagus. It is an unusual hybrid. The head looks like an elongated lion with circular ears protruding from the corners. Covering any hair is  an ornate leather helmet. The claws are shaped like a badger's with extended nails suited for digging. Each finger is decorated with elaborate rings embedded with gems. It is quite a sight.

The looks on my companion's faces mirror my own confused expression. This species is completely different than anything I have ever studied before.

Bren seems the least affected by the creature's appearance and only skips a beat before taking a step toward it.

"We don't mean you harm." Bren reassures the creature, "What are you?"

"I am part of an ancient race." The creature responds, quite nervously. "What are you doing here?"

I learn a few things very quickly about this creature. It is a she, she is very young for her species, and she is as perplexed at meeting us as we her.

Bren took a moment to explain to her about the pearl and the spider man who requested it. When he asks her if she knows anything about it she becomes very anxious and responses stiffly, "I don't know anything."

He changes the subject--"What do you do?"

She begins to calm as she explains how she tunnels underground and brings things back to the master--though she never sees the mystery man. She enjoys scavenging for precious metals and creating things--an obvious passion.

She finally introduces herself as Corin. She briefly tells how her whole life is spent in the tunnels. When Bren speaks of our travels, she becomes extremely interested in coming along so she can scavenge for precious metals on the surface, a place she rarely goes.

The rest of us observe this interaction with various degrees of attention ranging from my extremely interested to Mara's absolute apathy. However, even Mara turns when the cat creature called Corin creeps out of the tunnel under the tomb to curl up in front of sarcophagus.

We all remain inaudible as Corin moves, a conscious effort to be polite at least on my part. But no one could help staring. Beginning at her shoulders her body was snake-like with several tendrils protruding from her slender body. She wore a satchel and had bottles, chalices, and other random junk in pockets along her entire body.

It is there, about halfway down her body, that I see the pearl. It wasn't entirely visible, but I am sure it was what we were looking for.

I glance around using mostly my peripheral vision and realize everyone has noticed the pearl because everyone's stance has changed slightly. Aramir has a hand on his bow, Mara still looks bored but her weapons are out, Flynn gets a conniving look in his eye, Bren's eyes got wide as he talked with Corin and I feel like I am on the edge of my seat reading a good suspense thriller. Except of course that this is real life. Coring grows anxious again seeing the change in temperament.

Out of the corner of my eye, I notice Flynn moving toward the pearl in his silent, stealthy manner. I try not to react. Just as he is about to stick his hand out, Corin turns to him. I'm not sure how he made it happen, but in the blink of an eye he is putting a small bag of gold into Corin's satchel. He gives nothing away that he was in fact reaching for the pearl.

I fear she will snap at the small gnome anyway; however, she instead rubs up against him with affection.

Without missing a beat Bren and Corin are conversing again. I am a little more on edge now, but I continue to listen without feeling any need to interject. Bren asks about the island, but Corin only knows the undergrounds. She is very excited at the idea of seeing new lands.

Bren offers Corin protection when she expresses true fear of the spider folk. I sense the need that we should get off the island and fast. If only we had possession of the pearl so our death wouldn't be waiting for us at the mouth of the cave.

I even feel relief when Bren asks me to distract the others in the previous room so he could try a different tactic to get the pearl. I turn to the others who don't seem to have any hestiation about getting our of the room with the giant snake cat. As we turn to leave I hear Mara mudder with a shrug, "eh--he should be okay."

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The Vampire Lestat Quotes: Part II

The Early Education and Adventures of the Vampire Lestat:

Lelio Rising (p. 22-78)

"You're stronger than anyone else here, that's your tragedy." (p. 38)

..."Only the impossible can do the impossible." (p. 42)

"In fact we were at that moment of drunkenness that the two of us had come to call the Golden Moment, when everything made sense." (p. 51)

"You make life when you play," I said. "You create something from nothing. You make something good happen. And that is blessed to me." (p. 51)

..."I'm speaking of the character of human beings, not what they believe in. I'm speaking of those who won't accept a useless lie, just because they were born to it. I mean those who would be something better. They work, they sacrifice, they do things" ... "There is blessedness in that," I said. "There's sanctity. And God or no god, there is goodness in it. I know this the way I know the mountains are out there, that the stars shine." (p. 52)

(p. 54-58) I feel it is important to interject here that a major turning point happens in the novel, a state of mind Lestat settles in where he realizes there will be no answers to the great questions and truly believes in nothingness, a very lonely thought indeed. It is this mindset that motives the rest of the story and sets up Lestat's many conversations and philosophies on good and evil. These philosophies, in my opinion, is worth reading the entire book and series. 

"I took up the theme again that music and acting were good because they drove back chaos. Chaos was the meaningless of day-to-day life." (p.55)

"Of course all that these young bourgeois really wanted was to be aristocrats. They bought titles, married into aristocratic families whenever they could. And it's one of the little jokes of history that they got mixed up in the Revolution, and helped to abolish the class which in fact they really wanted to join." (p. 66)

"I can live without God. I can even come to live with the idea there is no life after. But I do not think I could go on if I did not believe in the possibility of goodness."(p.72)

From "The Vampire Lestat" by Anne Rice
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The Vampire Lestat Quotes Part I

I really enjoy Anne Rice's "The Vampire Chronicles." I am intrigued by the philosophy, theology and perspective that the immortal characters have to offer. My favorite character, for better or worse, is Lestat. He is very dynamic and extremely quotable. I am re-reading the book "The Vampire Lestat," the second book in "The Vampire Chronicles," for the purpose of writing down quotes to remember. I wanted to share them here. It is a way for me to catalog them and perhaps you might enjoy them as well.

The Vampire Lestat Quotes: Part I

Downtown Saturday Night in the Twentieth Century, 1984 (p. 2-21)

"Then a self-consciousness developed in me. I realized I was no longer dreaming. I was thinking about what I heard. I was wide awake." (p. 5)

"But I can't say that in the very beginning there was great thought behind my wish. It was rather a ruling impulse, strong enough to bring me up from the earth." (p. 5)

"I was enchanted by the world of rock music--the way the singers could scream of good and evil, proclaim themselves angels or devils, and mortals would stand up and cheer. Sometimes they seemed the pure embodiment of madness. And yet it was technologically dazzling, the intricacy of their performance. It was barbaric and cerebral in a way that I don't think the world of ages past had ever seen." (p. 5)

I also love the way Lestat, an "old world monster," sees our present day society (p. 7-11). The feminist movement being a particular highlight: "For the first time in history, perhaps, they [women] were as strong as and as interesting as men" (p. 7). How "the simplest people of this age were driven by a vigorous secular morality as strong as any religious morality I had ever known" (p. 9).

And "As for sexuality, it was no longer a matter of superstition and fear. The last religious overtones were being stripped from it. That was why the people went around half naked. That was why they kissed and hugged each other in the streets" (p. 9).

In all of my debates about "religious overtones" it is important to remember that this century is very different from any prior to it. Society how it is today is all I have ever known. It is very interesting to see the perspective of someone who is immortal and has lived through many centuries before to illustrate how completely the world has changed.

Chapter 7: The Tomb

We stand still just long enough for Flynn to heal me, and then we begin moving forward in the cave. I think we are all ready to get this side quest done so we can get out of this creepy burial chamber and back to our original mission.

It didn't surprise me that no one finds the spider's pearl very interesting. But the reward for finding it is our lives, so that is fairly good motivation.

Flynn hands me a lantern that allows us to see the whole way across the room. He gives me a look that says, stay back and out of trouble. I nod, I am more than happy to oblige.

Flynn moves forward stealthily into the cave. I take note of the sarcophagus in the middle of the room. It is made of hard, thick stone with a sturdy lid laid on top. On top of the lid stands an ornate holder assumingly where the pearl suppose to be. But where is it now?

Flynn looks back and gives us a nod meaning he finds no mechanical or magical traps. Bren throws several stones consecutively into the room. Nothing moved, there was only the sound of the echo of stones hitting the ground.

I see Flynn's eyebrow rise and Barbarrel take a defensive stance at the same moment I hear it--a faint rustling followed by heavy movement. We are not alone. I can't tell exactly where it came from, I suppose the shadows, but it felt like it was under us.

Flynn and Bren move to either side of the room where they light a torch on their respective wall. The torch lay in a furnished fixture with ornate castings. The whole room lit up.

I turn my focus to the sarcophagus. I will need to reach up on my tip toes to look inside, but on the humans it stands as high as their chest. On the lid under the pearl holder is a name written along with respectful words about the man. The language is Aquan, but I didn't take the time to decipher it with my limited knowledge of their written word. However, I could easily tell that he was royalty, possibly even a king.

There were engravings surrounding the room. I recognize the practice, it suppose to allow the deceased to pass safely from this world to the next. This scene lets me know that it really is a priority for the spider inquirer that the pearl which they believe contains their ancestors souls because lost with it is the soul of this honored king.

Looking up is a sight to see. It appears to be a tunnel, dug out directly about the sarcophagus. It is now empty and blocked about ten feet up--very intriguing.

I remain in the entry way--out of trouble. Mara and Aramir stand next to me. Flynn and Bren, along with Barbarrel, still stand on either side of the sarcophagus. The room is still for a moment, none of us know exactly what to do next.

It is Mara that makes the first move. With a little sigh, she walks straight over to the sarcophagus and flings the lid right off where it lands with a thud on the far side of the room. Everyone's jaw drops. She didn't even wait for help, she is stronger than I thought because that lid was solid stone and really heavy.

It is done now and we are all peering inside the king's sarcophagus at a large hole dug straight down into the found. I can not see how far down it goes. Flynn throws a torch into the hole and we watch as it just keeps going, spinning into oblivion. I did notice that the sides were a honeycomb texture as far as I can see.

Bren dropped another torch into the hole. This time a large paw swats at the light before it disappears into the abyss.

There is an audible gasp in the room. Honestly, it is probably just me.

"Did anyone else see that?" Bren asked, I'm not the only one who can't believe my eyes.

I remain speechless, but Mara calls, "Yes! Call it!"

I wonder why in the world you would want to do that, but before I can form coherent words Bren is calling the cat-like creature almost mockingly in Sylvan, "Here kitty, kitty."

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